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The Canasta Dorada property has sufficient area in gently rolling topography available to accommodate potential development typical for an open-pit or underground mining operation. The Property is located in the northwest corner of the state of Sonora, within the Altar desert, which is a subset of the Sonoran desert. The property is located at an elevation of 400 m above sea level to 850 m above sea level and includes several ranges and the surrounding hills. The ranges consist of NW-SE oriented fault-blocks that are typical of Basin and Range province and include the Sierra La Gloria, Cerro El Alamo, and a portion of the Sierra El Batamote as well as the dissected undulating hills that slope gently to the south and north. The mountain ranges rise steeply above the surrounding landscape, and are incised by arroyos that form coalescing alluvial fans surrounding the base of the ranges. The alluvial cover and pediment form a gently-sloping veneer away from the ranges and are in turn are being eroded by the arroyos. Several groupings of small hills, such as in the Big Pit area, are scattered along the southern flank of the ranges and provide “windows” into the underlying bedrock. These more resistant hills locally expose low-angle thrust faults, a possible detachment fault, and several NW striking, high-angle structures that are commonly mineralized by quartz veins.

View along the south side of the Sierra La Gloria, Pique Viejo is in the low reddish hills in the foreground, Las Quintas is off to the far right in the photo.

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