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Why Mexico?

Mexico is a politically stable country and a member of NAFTA. It has a large economy and was ranked by the IMF in 2009 as the 14th largest economy in the world, by GDP. Mexico is also a top mining jurisdiction and in 2010 was ranked by the Fraser Institute as the 6th best country and the 14th best region. The country has a long history of mining that includes security of tenure of mining concessions, clear rules for exploration, development and operation as well as experienced professionals and local access to required services. Mining in Mexico also presents a favourable tax regime with a corporate rate of 30%.

Recent consolidations in Mexico include Gammon Gold’s acquisition of Capital Gold in 2011 for C$374M and Argonaut Gold’s acquisition of both Pediment Gold in 2011 for C$137M and Castle Gold in 2010 for C$110M. Goldgroup also acquired Sierra Minerals in 2010 for C$40M.

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